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Indition OrderDesk includes the complete Indition ServiceDesk product while adding full blown E-commerce and Order Management capabilities. Raise the bar on customer service and phone based ordering with OrderDesk.

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In a call center time is of the essence. Every minute counts. Indition OrderDesk provides a rich set of tools to enable a call center agent to quickly place an order, manage an order or manage an account. Time is money and OrderDesk reduces time and increases the money.

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Manage your order desk and customer service solution on the go with the native iOS and Android apps for Indition OrderDesk. Never be tied to your desk, monitor your agents, manage your call queue, respond to escalations and set up new users all from your tablet.

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Indition OrderDesk is an extensible platform enabling custom built modules to be added based on your specific needs. Integrate with virutally any ERP that supports third party APIs and have one seemless system.

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Escalations are issues or tasks that a lower user is unable to handle so they escalate it to a higher role. You can create a hierarchy of positions capable of handling a wide array of issues by using the assignment rule configuration. Escalations are able to be viewed, accepted, and handled and all interactions are logged for proper tracking. Escalations assigned to a user are upfront and center when they log in and new assignments can also trigger email notifications. Managers and admins have the full ability to reassign, accept, or delete escalations as they see fit.

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Again, there is no need for your agents to have sticky notes to reference when they encounter a “sticky” situation. If they’re confused, you can have them access the Q&A feature. Here, commonly encountered issues or questions are posted alongside with the answers written by other users and system admins. This way there is a record of past questions and solutions/answers so that the same problems aren’t encountered multiple times a day, week, month, or year. These are all manageable to make sure nothing is diluting the important questions and answers.

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Multi-Site Multi-TimeZone

Have support offices on the west coast and east coast and can’t stand the timezone issues? Our system allows you to create multiple sites that users can belong to and assign these sites a specific timezone. These sites can then be used throughout the system to make sure that callbacks for an east coast customer are assigned to agents on the east coast team.

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Track the amount of callbacks being handled by your agents and the amount of time from accepting the callback to it being handled. View reports based on callback type and the resulting disposition of the call. View outbound vs. inbound calls. Get a grip on your agents, your offices, and your overall performance using our comprehensive reporting.

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Indition Orderdesk Features List

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Free Bronze Silver Gold
Multiple user roles and publishing rights
Unlimited templates with versioning
Widgets in templates shared and inherited by pages
Indition Workflows for simplifying content management
Content branching, merging and tagging
Versioning of all content
Asset repository
A/B/X page testing
Force page delivered over SSL
User Agent specific revision routing
Revision & page locking
Page archiving
Multi-level content caching
Custom URLs with 301 redirects and external redirects
Drag and drop page tree
API connections to major social media
Blog Module
Job Board Module