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If you need an online form builder tool that allows you the ability to create online web forms for your website along with the ability for collecting forms on your iPhone or iPad, you've come to the right place! Our mobile forms app allows you to build forms on your desktop, then download them to use on your mobile device without the need for internet connection.


Build your form on your desktop and then save it to the mobile platform.


Download and access your forms using the Indition Forms app


Go out and collection submissions, with or without internet connection



Indition’s mobile forms app allows you to collect form submission data, even while offline. Preparing to attend a trade show, conference or other event where you need to utilize your forms but don’t have access to any WiFi? Not a problem! Our iOS app allows you to use our iPhone and iPad form app while offline. Simply connect to the internet, select the form you’ve previously created that you’d like to use then download your form to the app. Once the form is downloaded and available, you can start collecting submissions with or without internet access.


If you’re collecting form submissions while offline, your submissions will automatically sync to your desktop account once you’ve connected to the internet again without the need to manually push the data. Do you have post processing steps added to your form? Not a problem. Once your submissions autosync, your previously set up emails will also be automatically sent.


Once you have created your desired mobile friendly forms via your desktop account, simply login to your mobile app, choose which forms you’d like to use via mobile, select the option to download and your forms will be ready to use on your Apple device, whether online or off.


Our mobile app allows you to view submissions that have already synced to your desktop as well as forms that have yet to be synced to your desktop. View individual submission information if collected on current device. Do you need to be able to sort form submissions based on the user/device that collected them? View form submissions via your desktop account, broken down by each user account.


Can I build new mobile forms right within the app?
Unfortunately our app does not allow the ability for new mobile form creation with the app itself. You need to create a mobile friendly form on your desktop, then download the form for use via the app.

Can I create one form that can be used on both desktop and mobile?
Our Forms, Contests & Survey tool allows you to create one form for use on both desktop and mobile versions, as long as the form you build contains only "mobile friendly" form fields.

Do I need to be able to code in order to create a form?
Absolutely not! Our online form creator does not require any coding whatsoever. To build the perfect form, contest or survey simply select your form fields, apply your desired design and you're done! Have experience coding and want to get more creative? We allow that, too.

Do I need to have my own website in order to create an online form?
Nope! If you don't have your own website, not to fear. We'll provide you with a free page and URL for you to use.

Is your mobile forms application available for Android or Microsoft products?
Unfortunately our mobile app is only currently available for Apple products including iPhone and iPad.


Market Research Surveys
Patient Satisfaction Surveys
Event Registration
In-Store Contests
Post Event Surveys
Instructor Feedback Forms
Networking Events
Sign Up Forms
Class Check In
Petition Forms
Subscription Forms
Interest Forms
Join Email List
Request Forms

Indition Desktop & Mobile Forms Feature List

Powerful form builder for online and offline use at affordable prices, available instantly.

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FreeBronzeSilverGoldPlatinumMobile App
Includes AdvertisingNo AdvertisingMore Forms, More SubmissionsMore FeaturesAll FeaturesAll Features & Mobile App
Monthly PriceFREE$5$15$35$85$185
Annual Price Option (1 Month Free)FREE$55$165$385$935$2,035
Number of Forms5550UnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Submissions Per Month50501,00010,000100,000100,000

Form Features
150 Pre-Built Forms
Custom Forms
Unlimited Form Fields
Over 35 Field Types
Drag & Drop Field Ordering
Embed Code to Website
Preview Before Submission
Unique Constraints on Fields
Sub Labels for Fields
Field Default Values
Stored Values
E-Signature Field
reCaptcha/ SPAM Protection
Multi-Selection Fields
Date & Time fields for Scheduling
Form Duplication
Field Validation
Duplicate Submission Guard
International Phone Numbers & Postal Codes
Automatic Email Confirmation
Custom Masked Input Fields
Hidden Fields
Form Field Duplication
Text & Images in Forms
Repeating Sections
Payments with PayPal
Payments with Stripe
File Uploads (multi-file upload)25MB100MB250MB2GB5GB
Conditional fields
Save and Resume Later
Password Protected Forms
Custom Code Protected Forms
Customizable Protected Form Login Page
Custom Page URLs
Stop Point / Multi-Part Forms
Calculated fields
Database Lookup Fields
Field API Validation
Form API Validation
Form Data API Lookups
Lookup Tables for Selection Field Population
Custom Query Writing for Selection Field Filtering
Mobile Forms iPhone & iPad App

Design Features
FreeBronzeSilverGoldPlatinumMobile App
Indition Branding
Pre-built Page & Form Designs
Multi-Step Form Designs
Responsive Forms
Stop Point, Multi-Part Forms
Multiple Designs Per Form
Drag & Drop Designer
Track Submission by Design
Include/Exclude Optional Fields
Design Control at Element Level
Customize Fonts, Colors, Backgrounds & Borders
Custom CSS
Themes & Form Designs
Brandable Pages with Logos
Submit Button Design Control
Form Design Duplication
Mobile Forms iPhone & iPad App
Easily brand your form with your logo
Form View
Page View
Custom Page URLs
Search Engine Indexing Control
Print Form Designs
Custom Domain Names
Google Analytics Support
Google Analytics Event Tracking
Google Ads Conversion Tracking

Post Submission Actions
FreeBronzeSilverGoldPlatinumMobile App
Multiple Actions per Submission
Custom Thank You Message in Place or Modal
Conditional Thank You Messages
Stop Point Thank You Messages
Post Submit Redirects
Conditional Redirects
Stop Point Redirects
Basic Email Notifications
Custom Email Notifications
Responder Email Notifications
Multiple Recipient Email Notifications
Conditional Email Notifications
Stop Point Email Notifications
Stop Point Mobile App Push Notifications
Indition CRM API Posts
Conditional Indition CRM API Posts
Salesforce API Connections
Conditional Salesforce API Connections
Conditional URL API Posts
Custom API Connections
Conditional Custom API Connections
Generation of PDF of Submission
Generation of XLSX of Submission
Sending Calendar Invites based on date/time fields

FreeBronzeSilverGoldPlatinumMobile App
Forms Dashboard
Form Submission Reports
Form Design Submission Report
Daily Form Submission Report
Field Summary Report
Export Reports To Excel & PDF
Landing Page Vistior Tracking

Additional Features
Asset Manager
New User Invites
Custom Integrations
SupportKnowledge BaseKnowledge BaseEmailEmail/PhoneEmail/PhoneEmail/Phone

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