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Want to expand the overall exposure of your product? We have you covered. Style your page based on pre-built templates, click create and you will then be the proud owner of public, SEO compatible webpage designed to drive traffic and interest. Give your engagement the boost it needs!

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Pre Built Templates

Not a designer? Don’t worry about it. We have pre-built templates that you can select from so you only need to make minor modifications to personalize your landing pages. The pre-built templates let you get your landing pages up quick and allow you to slowly customize them later.

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Simple Drag & Drop Page Designer

If you choose to customize your page, we have page modules that can be easily dragged and dropped into the page and dragged around the page to rearrange. Click on the individual page components to style the selected component and edit the content contained within.

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Build Pages in Bulk

You don't have to build a website one page at a time! Simply select the page template that you want to create the pages for and we will build the pages simultaneously in accordance to the styling you provide in the page designer. The content is entered as is and if edits are required, you can edit the pages individually as well as in bulk after creation.

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Embed Forms

Ready to build your contact list? Embed a form on your website to allow users to sign up for newsletters, company information or other incentives.

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Custom Domains

Do you own a domain? Awesome! Start a conversation with our specialists to enable our landing pages to use URLs incorporating your unique domain.

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Manage Contacts

Each form submission will result in the creation of a contact. These contacts are now your own and are able to be marketed to as desired. Additionally you can export all of your contacts as an excel document to have a list outside of our system.

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Website Analytics

Track how much traffic is coming to your website. Are they previous visitors? Gain insights into how your individual pages are performing and use your newfound knowledge to make them even better!

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Indition Landing Pages Features List

Spend time managing your content the way you want.

Free Bronze Silver Gold
Drag & Drop Page Designer
Pre Built Page Templates
Auto-fill page content by ASIN
SEO Compliant
Build Pages in Bulk
Custom Domains
Contact Management
Export Contacts
Coupon Code Incentives
Coupon Code Management
Web Tracking
Full page styler/designer
One click content adding/editing
Email Notifications