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Easy Customer Management

Create and manage customers from within your agency account. Easily setup customers with new accounts to Indition software products in a matter of minutes. As an agency, you’ll have privileges to log into and manage each customer account as needed or you can provide your customers with the ability to login and manage their accounts themselves. With every customer in a separate account, you’ll be able to keep client work private while still providing customer access.

Create the following customer account types:

  • Indition Forms (Online Form Builder)
  • Indition CRA (Marketing Automation)
  • Indition Alerts (Emergency Notification Software)
  • Indition SellerTools (Amazon Seller Software)
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We charge you, but you charge your customers! You will receive our agency discounted rate of 30% off our retail prices for each product that your customers are subscribed to. Then you can charge your customers according to your own rates that you can set. Combine professional services and product subscription rates to make more money from clients while delivering new capabilities within the Indition products.

Reach out to us in order to talk about custom discount rates.

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