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Need to create a contact form for your website, small business, social media platforms, church groups and more? We can help! With a combination of pre-built contact forms, signup forms, emergency contact forms and more, Indition can help you get the job done in a matter of minutes. Just select your form, choose a design theme, and then add an optional page template and boom, you're done! Sound easy? That’s because it is.

The best part? Our contact form creator allows you to generate a free embed code for use on any CMS, including the most popular sites like WordPress.

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Create Customer Contact Forms as Easy as 1, 2, 3!

Stop struggling to create complicated forms that require coding and graphic design experience. As long as you have an idea, Indition has an easy solution. You don’t actually even need an idea because we have a variety of pre-built contact form templates at your disposal. If you want to get technical or artistic, we also allow you the ability to configure all of your contact fields, create different rules associated with contact submissions and apply custom CSS classes to all form elements. Try us out and see what you can build.

Multi-Step Contact Form Template

Create multi-step form designs to display your form across a series of steps instead of one longer form that can often be intimidating to users. Multi-step form designs lead to better end user understanding, better user experience as well as an increased conversion rate. Now when you create a form design (a skin for your form), you will have the option to choose a single page design or a multi-step form design.

Spam Filtering with reCAPTCHA

We know important it is to control spam submissions on your forms, contests & surveys which is why we allow you the option to choose to protect your forms by adding spam protection. Add reCAPTCHA to your form and stop bots from submitting automated submissions which will help to improve your overall submission quality!


GET SSL enabled web pages that you can use for your customer contact forms, emergency contact forms for churches, daycares, etc. and other contact forms. Indition provides hundreds of pre-built page designs that don't require any coding. Already have your own design? Great! You can customize your page to fit your brand needs. Quick and easy with no restrictions, that's Indition!

Add Contact Forms to Any CMS

Our contact form creator allows you to create a link or embed your form in all of the most popular content management, e-commerce or custom software platforms out there. Get one click access to the embed code or use direct plug-ins make it quick and easy to deploy your new contact form and start receiving submissions right away.

Easy to Use, Flexible Designs

Not skilled in graphic design? Our designers have already used their creative juices to provide you with contact form designs so you don’t need to stress about creating aesthetically pleasing forms that convert. Don't see something you like? Indition gives you free reign to customize any of the pre-built designs provided, or start from a blank slate and create your own design altogether.

Increase Response Volume

Whether you're creating a customer contact form, an emergency contact form for your non-profit organization, creating contact forms for hair stylists, photographers and other entrepreneurs or another reson, our clean, modern form designs will be sure to increase the amount of responses you receive.

Detailed Reporting

Stop waiting hours or even days for your contact form reports. Indition reporting is real-time, up to the minute. If you prefer to receive reports via email on a regular schedule, we have that as well. Catch on to trends using our visualization tools all included and instantly available. Your data belongs to you and is available for export at any time or on a regular schedule via Excel or PDF.

Extensive Form Processing Options

What do you need to do with your data? Indition allows you to take one or more actions on the data after it was received. Whether via email, API, push notifications or all of them at the same time, Indition has you covered. Need to take different actions on your data based on a particular type of response? Indition has you covered. The data collected for you by Indition easily integrates with all your systems.

Create Any Type of Contact Form You Need

With a wide variety of contact form fields ready to be added to your designs and fully customizable fields available as well, you will be able to collect any type of data that you need. Single or multiple choice fields, true or false, numeric fields, currency fields, a free text field, even file uploads? You can incorporate any field type you’d commonly use. Indition has more than 25 different field types to choose from.

Indition Desktop & Mobile Forms Feature List

Powerful form builder for online and offline use at affordable prices, available instantly.

FreeBronzeSilverGoldPlatinumMobile App
Includes AdvertisingNo AdvertisingMore Forms, More SubmissionsMore FeaturesAll FeaturesAll Features & Mobile App
Monthly PriceFREE$5$15$35$85$185
Pay Annually Option (1 Month Free)FREE$55$165$385$935$2,035
Number of Forms5550UnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Submissions Per Month50501,00010,000100,000100,000

Form Features
125 Pre-Built Forms
Custom Forms
Unlimited Form Fields
Over 30 Field Types
Drag & Drop Field Ordering
Embed Code to Add to Website
Form Categorization
Preview Before Submission
Unique Constraints on Form Fields
Custom User Help Per Field
Custom Placeholders Per Field
Sub Labels for Fields*
Field Default Values*
Displayed vs. Stored Values
E-Signature Field
reCaptcha/ SPAM Protection
Multi-Selection Fields
Date & Time fields for Scheduling
Form Duplication
Field Validation
Duplicate Submission Guard
International Phone Numbers & Postal Codes
Save Form as Draft
Automatic Email Confirmation
Custom Masked Input Fields
Hidden Fields
Form Field Duplication
Text & Images in Forms
Payments with Stripe
File Uploads (multi-file upload)
Conditional fields
Save and Resume Later
Password Protected Forms
Custom Code Protected Forms
Custom Page URLs
Stop Point / Multi-Part Forms
Database Lookup Fields
Field API Validation
Form API Validation
Form Data API Lookups
Mobile Forms iPhone & iPad App

Design Features
FreeBronzeSilverGoldPlatinumMobile App
Indition Branding
Pre-built Page & Form Designs
Single Page Form Designs
Multi-Step Form Designs
Responsive Forms
Stop Point, Multi-Part Forms
Multiple Designs Per Form
Drag & Drop Designer
Track Submission by Design
Include/Exclude Optional Fields
Design Control at Element Level
Customize Fonts, Colors, Backgrounds & Borders
Custom CSS
Themes & Form Designs
Brandable Pages with Logos
Submit Button Design Control
Form Design Duplication
Mobile Forms iPhone & iPad App
Easily brand your form with your logo
Form View
Page View
Custom Page URLs
Search Engine Indexing Control
Print Form Designs
Custom Domain Names
Google Analytics Support
Google Analytics Event Tracking

Post Submission Actions
FreeBronzeSilverGoldPlatinumMobile App
Multiple Actions per Submission
Custom Thank You Message in Place or Modal
Conditional Thank You Messages
Stop Point Thank You Messages
Post Submit Redirects
Conditional Redirects
Stop Point Redirects
Basic Email Notifications
Custom Email Notifications
Responder Email Notifications
Multiple Recipient Email Notifications
Conditional Email Notifications
Stop Point Email Notifications
Stop Point Mobile App Push Notifications
Indition CRM API Posts
Conditional Indition CRM API Posts
Salesforce API Connections
Conditional Salesforce API Connections
Conditional URL API Posts
Custom API Connections
Conditional Custom API Connections
Generation of PDF of Submission
Generation of XLSX of Submission
Sending Calendar Invites based on date/time fields

FreeBronzeSilverGoldPlatinumMobile App
Forms Dashboard
Form Submission Reports
Form Design Submission Report
Daily Form Submission Report
Field Summary Report
Export Reports To Excel & PDF
Landing Page Vistior Tracking

Additional Features
Asset Manager
Custom Integrations
SupportKnowledge BaseKnowledge BaseEmailEmail/PhoneEmail/PhoneEmail/Phone