Need to get a form on your webpage, build a social media contest, or create a survey for your business fast? We can get you out of that bind! With a combination of pre-built forms, contests and surveys to choose from, Indition can help you get the job done in a matter of minutes. Just select your form, a design theme, and then an optional page template and boom, you're done! Sound easy? That’s because it is.

Thousands of customers have built contact forms, lead generation forms, product inquiry forms, product ordering forms, customer surveys, feedback forms and much more. Indition is the best and fastest way to build, design and deploy the forms you need.

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Easy as 1, 2, 3!

Stop struggling to accomplish what you need to do. Indition is built to make what should be simple, but has become complex simple again. As long as you have an idea, Indition has an easy solution. Actually, you don’t even need an idea because we have pre-built forms, contests and surveys at your disposal. If you want to get technical or artistic, we let you configure all of your form fields, all actions associated with form submissions, and apply custom CSS classes to all form elements but none of that is necessary. Try us out and see what you can build.

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GET SSL enabled web pages that you can use for lead generation, social media campaigns, surveys, contests and more instantly. Indition provides hundreds of pre-built page designs. Have your own design, great, you can completely customize your page as you need. Quick and easy with no restrictions, that's Indition!.

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Works With What You Use

Link to your form or embed your form in all of the most popular content management, e-commerce or custom software platforms out there. One click access to the embed code or direct plug-ins make it quick and easy to deploy your new form, contest or survey and start collecting data.

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Design Flexibility and Ease-of-Use

Aren’t the artistic type? Our designers have already used their creative juices to provide you with form designs so you don’t need to stress about creating aesthetically pleasing forms, contests and surveys that convert. Didn't find something you like, Indition gives you free reign to customize any of the pre-built designs provided, or start from a blank slate and create your own design.

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Improve Conversion, Get more responses

Generating leads? Gathering data for research? Providing a way for your customers to communicate with you or inquire about a product? No matter what the purpose of the form, we make it easier for your customers or contacts to complete your forms on the web or mobile and get you the information you need.

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Detailed Reporting

Stop waiting for reports an hour or day later. Indition reporting is real-time, up to the minute. If you prefer to get your reports in your email on a regular schedule, we have that as well. Catch on to trends using our visualization tools all included and instantly available. Your data belongs to you and is available for export at any time or on a regular schedule via Excel or PDF.

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Extensive Form Processing Options

What do you need to do with your data? Indition allows you to take one or more actions on the data after it was received. Whether via email, API, push notifications or all of them at the same time, Indition has you covered. Need to take different actions on your data based on a particular type of response? Indition has you covered. The data collected for you by Indition easily integrates with all your systems.

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Any Form you need, you can do it

With a wide variety of form fields ready to be added to your forms and fully customizable fields available as well, you will be able to collect any type of data that you need. Single or multiple choice fields, true or false, numeric fields, currency fields, a free text field, even file uploads? You can incorporate any field type you’d commonly use. Indition has more than 30 different field types to choose from.

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Indition Forms, Contests & Surveys Feature List

Powerful features at affordable prices available instantly.

Monthly PriceFREE$15$35$85
Number of Forms550UnlimitedUnlimited
Submissions Per Month501,00010,000100,000
Pre-Built Forms
Custom Forms
Over 30 Field Types Available
Custom Domain Names
Responder Emails
Responder Email Attachments
Email Notifications
Conditional Notifications
API Post Processing Options
Multiple File Uploads per Form
Database Lookup Fields
API Lookup Fields
Instagram™ Widget
Facebook™ Widget
Twitter™ Widget
Pinterest™ Widget
Google Analytics Support
Search Engine Friendly
Responsive Forms
Field Validation & Input Masks
Field Mapping to Contact Record
Personalized Email Responders
Spam Control
Form Categorization
Auto Generated Embed Code
Drag & Drop Form Designer
Contact Segmentation
Unlimited Contact Lists
Unlimited Users
User Roles
Online Videos & Help
Asset Management Repository
Contact Creation
Exportable Submission Lists
Custom CSS Ability
Pre-Built Form Designs
Multiple Form Designs per Form
Embedding form on Page Templates
Custom Page URLs
Detailed Reporting
Web Page Visitor Tracking
Form Duplication
Form Design Duplication
Custom Integrations
SupportKnowledge BaseEmailEmail/PhoneDedicated Email/Phone