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Indition CMS includes a full text search engine that can be enabled for any content widgets. Enable it on a page with one click and automatically any widget that is set for full text search will be included in the results.

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Indition CMS Features List

Spend time managing your content the way you want.

Free Bronze Silver Gold
Multiple user roles and publishing rights
Unlimited templates with versioning
Widgets in templates shared and inherited by pages
Indition Workflows for simplifying content management
Content branching, merging and tagging
Versioning of all content
Asset repository
A/B/X page testing
Force page delivered over SSL
User Agent specific revision routing
Revision & page locking
Page archiving
Multi-level content caching
Custom URLs with 301 redirects and external redirects
Drag and drop page tree
API connections to major social media
Blog Module
Job Board Module