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How we compare on features.

Indition Forms allows anyone to quickly create custom online forms for their website. It has an intuitive, drag-and-drop user interface that makes creating and building forms simple and easy without having to write a single line of code. This side by side comparison chart details some major differences between Indition Forms and Form Titan.


Indition Seller Toolkit Form Titan
Pricing and Plan

Pricing per month



Account Plan



Form Features

Monthly Submissions



Number of Forms



Pre-Built Forms



Custom Forms

E-Signature Field

Mulit-file Upload

File Upload Size Limit

250 MB

30 MB

User Friendly

Responsive Forms

Form Duplication

Form Design Duplication

Multiple Designs Per Form

Multi-Step Form Designs

Submit Button Customization

Custom Form URLs

Field Validation

Embed on a page template

Users per account



Advanced Features

Email Notifications

Responder Emails

Conditional Notifications

API Post Processing Options

Field API Validation

Post Submit Redirects

Form Conditional Logic

Custom Thank You Message

Custom Page URLs

Stop Point / Multi-Part Forms

Sending Calendar Invites

Data Reporting

Google Analytics

Field Summary Report

Export Reports To Excel & PDF

Landing Page Visitor Tracking


Knowledge Base Articles

Online Video Tutorials


Online Support Chat

Dedicated Help Line


Multi-step Custom Forms

Multi-step form designs lead to better end user understanding, better user experience as well as an increased conversion rate

SPAM Protection with reCaptcha

Add reCAPTCHA to your form and stop bots from submitting automated submissions

Landing Pages for Lead Generation

GET SSL enabled web pages that you can use for your lead generation forms, social media campaigns, surveys, contests and other online forms.

Mobile Web Forms

Indition now offers a mobile form app that allows you to build forms on your desktop, then transfer to your mobile device for collecting submissions on the go.

Detailed Reporting

Reporting is real-time, up to the minute. If you prefer to get your reports in your email on a regular schedule, we have that as well.

Fully Customizable Form Builder

Single or multiple choice fields, true or false, numeric fields, a text field, even file uploads? You can incorporate any field type you’d commonly use.

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