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Indition CRA + Shopify + All New Functionality

A leading eCommerce company, Shopify develops software and retail POS systems that enables you to create a store online, organize your products, customize your storefront, and integrate payment gateways, and track and respond to orders.

Set Up Email Automation

Build your email automation to communicate with your customers at the right time, assist with email flows and to save you time so you can focus on the other things in your business.


Easily Create And Send Emails

Using Indition CRA’s easy to use drag and drop system edit pre-built email templates or create your own emails that reflect your brand and the message you want to give. Then just drag and drop into personalized campaigns, turning your emails into conversion funnels.


shopify with indition

We know you have worked hard on establishing your online business and that is why we are commited to your success. Indition CRA’s Shopify integration lets you build your audience, get more clients, promote your products, record all your purchasing data and so much more!

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Optimize For Results

Descriptive attributes for your customers are gathered through CRA and are available to be used in a universal trigger, allowing us to concentrate selective messages towards specific, segmented groups. This marketing automation process engages with your customer when they are most likely to buy, with the right messaging at the right time.

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Manage And Grow Your Audience

Over 93% of consumers are turning to social media to help make buying decisions. Are you capitalizing on this trend?

Indition CRA can help upload and integrate your subscribers to your social media networks to get a better understanding of what your customer wants and needs to leverage your sales.

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Track Your Success, Anytime, Anywhere

Using elaborate scanning software, Indition CRA constantly searching for, discovers and records information on Facebook. This insight provides the ability to tap into events in your contacts’ lives, creating the unique opportunity to engage with your customer when they are most likely to buy.


Landing Page Wizardry

Easily build customizable landing pages with a clear call to action for any event, service or product. Use our drag and drop system to easily create a landing page the way you want in minutes.

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Track Your Success

Our team will develop an optimization strategy tailored for your product, industry, and brand to target the right keywords and ensure your content is supporting a smooth user experience.

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Dynamic Content Management

Using Indition CRA, we can manage and streamline your content across web. View our full list of features for additional info.

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