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Track and retain your higher education students

Manage relationships with your higher education students, and prospective students, by tracking their interactions with the school and providing them with superior, personalized communications.

Contact Management for Higher Education Professionals

Keep an accurate database of your higher education students and prospect’s needs and the contacts you have with them. Tracking their individual contacts in real time allows you to offer your higher education students, and prospective students, the fastest and most personalized service possible. Use features like: Importing all existing contacts and companies, Activity Tracking, Document Storage, Ownership Role Restrictions, Notifications, Email Tracking, and Customizable List Views.

IOS & Android App for Higher Education Professionals

Higher education professionals need to track their students, and prospective students, closely and make them feel valued at the higher education institution. If the higher education student doesn’t feel valued, your institution might lose them. Indition Sales CRM App makes it easy to enhance higher education student services by keeping all the information higher education professionals need in one place, available on their phone. When you can track every point of contact anyone at your institution has had with a higher education student or prospective student, you can meet their individual needs more effectively. Indition Sales CRM allows you to store notes, log calls and emails, and view related tasks for both the higher education organization’s contacts and your personal contacts.

Easily track your existing healthcare clients.


Create and track tasks related to higher education students and prospective students for the entire higher education team with the comprehensive tasking system, making sure all task are completed and goals are archived.


Create emails, customized for your higher education institution and specific programs, that can be saved and tracked to existing higher education students and prospective students as well as create automated email campaigns. See how your higher education contacts engage with your emails with our engagement tracking.


Recruiting for an institution of higher education can be very competitive, especially if you’re going after, or trying to retain, the most desirable students. Receive notices when one of your higher education clients is in need of assistance or you’ve been added to another student’s contact team. Make sure you receive an alert when action is required.


With a simple swipe down get a glance at your active students and prospective students status without even opening the app. Download all or choose individual contacts on your mobile device to import. Search for your contacts in your device’s spotlight search. Add contacts without even opening the app.

Indition CRM Features List

Spend time managing your content the way you want.

Bronze Silver Gold Enterprise
Maximum Number Users 10 50 100 No Minimum, No Limit
Monthly Price Per User $50 $35 $25 Call
Contact Management
Account Management
Opportunity Management
Initiative & Task Management
Customizable fields and attributes
Activity tracker and custom activities
Email tracking
Email template builder
Private knowledge base
Ownership role restrictions
Available on Mobile for iOS and Android
Auto Sign Up
RESTful APIs for ease of integration
Import/Export data
Activity Reporting
Custom Integrations
Custom Module/Business Functionality